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In 1999 Sula moved to the East Coast. This coast with its tides, erosions, reed marshes, ships and the everchanging light had a strong influence on her work. In the paintings, prints and collages she often incorporated references to objects such as photographs, postcards, printed book pages, labels, postage stamps, discarded scraps of wallpaper or textured floor lino as well as drawings.

In 2012 she was invited by Caroline Wiseman to be Artist in Residence in the South Lookout Tower on Aldeburgh beach in Suffolk.

NEAPTIDE oil, acrylic, soft pastel & graphite on canvas 100 x 120 cm

Click on images to enlarge. Click again for close up detail. More images can be found on this link to flickr and viewed in the Sail/Sea series.


OFF SHORE    oil, acrylic & soft pastel on paper

HARBOUR SAIL collage & pastel on paper 23.4 x 16.2 cm

HARBOUR SAIL  collage & pastel on paper  24 x 16 cm 



BROAD SEAS collage, ink & soft pastel on paper

SEA PICTURE collage, pastel, oil on paper 23 x 34 cm


SHORE LINES   oil, acrylic, graphic & soft pastel on canvas   76 x 91 cm

Shore Sails

SHORE SAILS collage, pastel & oil on paper


NEAP TIDE STUDY  oil, graphite & soft pastel on paper  43 x 51 cm

DONOUSSA SAILS collage & pastel on paper 42 x 29 cm

DONOUSSA SAILS collage & pastel on paper 42 x 29 cm

VOYAGE  collage,pastel, acrylic, Hammerite on paper 20 x 15 cm

JOURNEY BEGINNING  collage, Hammerite & pastel on paper 15 x 20 cm

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